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Epiphany & WebKitGTK+: And so it begins…

I just noticed that a few hours ago, Matthias Clasen committed Epiphany 2.27.2 to Fedora’s CVS and in the process switched the build to using WebKitGTK+. instead of Gecko/XULrunner. This means that, once the switch is flipped for rawhide to start composing from the F-12 tree, Epiphany will be using WebKitGTK+ by default. Epic win. Many thanks, Matthias – you’re also added to my ever-growing “I owe drinks to these people” list. 🙂

  1. bochecha
    June 1st, 2009 at 02:17 | #1

    I’ve been monitoring the koji page for epiphany waiting for this to happen. To day I wake up, I see your blog post. 😀

    Just installed it on F11 from the koji repository, without any other dep from F12. It works fine !

    Now that’s a good day that is starting. 🙂

    Matthias, you can be sure that I’ll pay you the second drink, right after Peter paid you the first one !

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